I am available for session work for online / remote and studio recordings as well as live or dep performances ranging from single shows through to large tours.

Whether on stage on in the studio, I always strive to give every song one hundred percent and I am always dedicated to creating the best possible drum tracks and performances possible. I am confident with using both click tracks and backing tracks, I learn parts quickly and consider myself fairly intuitive in terms of creating drum parts from scratch.

Studio Sessions

I have extensive experience in professional recording studios and practices and I am well equipped to record in a studio of your choice additionally I can recommend a number of great recording studios with which I have a good working relationship across the country should you require assistance.

For a full list of my available equipment, click here.

Online Sessions

MMy personal studio is based around Avid ProTools 12 recording software and uses both an M-Audio ProFire 2626 and a Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 as interfaces and preamps. These allow me to achieve a professional sound without incurring larger session fees that would include studio/engineer time elsewhere. A full list of my studio equipment is available here and some samples of work recorded featuring drum tracks from my studio can be found on the media page.

At present my own studio can record up to 10 simultaneous drum tracks at 96kHz/24bit sample rate: please bare this in mind as the entire project must use a matching sample rate, if you wish to use a higher sample rate or have more simultaneous drum tracks then a full studio session will have to be booked.

A typical online session could include the following simultaneous tracks:

  1 x Kick (plus re-triggered Subkick)
  1 x Snare Top
  1 x Snare Bottom
  2 x Rack toms
  1 x Floor tom
  2 x Overheads (left and right)
  2 x Additional channels available for close mic'ing hi-hats/ride, aux snare, extra main snare mic, another tom/floor tom, percussion etc.

All quantizing/drum editing is included in your session quotation along with any initial demo versions that may be required.

Live Sessions

I have a substantial amount of live performance experience which ranges from small to large venues, mainstage festivals and full scale touring.

If you are contacting me regarding a live session please try to have as much of your live set available as mp3 files so that I am able to be one hundred percent positive that I can perform your work in the way you want it to be heard.

Please also note that prospective dates are also extremely helpful at a very early point in order to make sure my schedule does not clash with your performance date.

For further information regarding session bookings, click here.

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