If you are interested in hiring me to work on your project please note the following:

Please send the best possible version of your song or project that you have: there aren't any benefits in supplying something that's difficult to pick apart or that has timing issues.

If you do not wish or are not able to include programmed drum tracks with your work then please try to be as clear as possible on what you feel your project needs in terms of feel and grooves. Specific examples drawn from existing songs are very helpful.

If you have particular requests for additional instruments to be added onto my kit for your project I am quite happy to discuss this and see what I have at my disposal. This may include percussion items such as tambourines, jam blocks, mini-tymps and so on.

Your work needs to be recorded to a click track and the appropriate tempo/BPMs should be included either in the file name or your accompanying email.

WAV or MP3 files are preferred. If you are a ProTools user I am quite happy to receive your entire session and work directly into it if you wish.

Please be patient and give me time to thoroughly check through your work and make sure I'm happy that I can definitely give you what you require for your music before progressing to finalised recordings.

Regarding quotations and payment for sessions:

It is difficult to give a definitive figure for the price of a full session in advance. A simple three-minute rock/pop track naturally takes much less time to compose, record and then edit than a lengthy progressive piece.

Whilst my rates will be quoted on a per-song basis, this rate decreases for sessions that include multiple songs.

Once we are both happy as to how the recording is going to proceed, I require a deposit to be paid from the agreed session fee. PayPal or a cleared cheque are preferred but other options are available.

Upon completing the recording of your project and making sure that all editing is correct, a pre-mixed MP3 of the drum tracks will be emailed to you for your final approval. If approved and the remainder of the session fee is paid then I will release the full size WAV format drum tracks either as a DVD or over the internet.

Please be aware in advance that these files can become quite large and take a long time to download.

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