"John was a pleasure to work with, and the ultimate professional, very highly recommended"
Dominic Dadson - Fidgit Media / Musicroom.com

"I contacted John to record for a blues cover album, and despite it being an unfamiliar genre for him to play he nailed the feel for every track. He pays serious attention to any instructions and is always quick to come up with ideas and to make sure what he's doing is exactly what you're looking for. He is professional, easy to work with, can adapt to any situation and isn't afraid to experiment to find the right sound.
I would recommend John to anyone looking for professional sounding drums for any project."

Dean Cruden

"John provided session drums for Winter Storm's show supporting Leaves' Eyes. He went beyond expectations, learning our in depth drumming exactly, arrived promptly, and provided a very professional approach throughout."
Hannah Fieldhouse - Winter Storm

"John recorded some drum tracks for a new Hardcore Metal project I'm putting together. Couldn't ask for anything more. John nailed the feel of the tracks from a niche genre first time to some less than perfect guitar guide tracks. John is a rare mix of talent and professionalism that makes him so valuable as a session drummer. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend and will be using John for any future projects. I only hope I can find someone half as good to work with full time for this project."
Rob Hartley

"John managed to learn a set list of songs that were from an unfamiliar genre, 50s/60s rockabilly, in the space of just two weeks before a gig. He shows that he is truly worth the money for sessions as he goes away and spends plenty of time learning and perfecting the songs. He is also very punctual, turns up for sessions well prepared and on time. A professional in all aspects."
Johnny Smith - Singer/Songwriter

"John was just what we needed, highly professional, tight and very easy to work with. He understood the style that we were after and gave our demo the heavy backbone it needed. A perfectionist and all round thoroughly nice bloke, we will definitely use him again in the future."
Lee - Chasing Ghosts

"We discovered John through joinmyband.com and contacted him about recording the drum parts for our upcoming EP. He instantly replied and enthusiastically took our guide tracks and polished them off, perfected them and filled the missing sound appropriately. He was great to bounce ideas off and coped very well with our last minute changes. We got on with him very well on the day of the session and had a productive day in the studio. John is a grafter and a pleasure to work with; he gets the job done with a resilient, dedicated and professional approach. He writes good beats."
Kieran Agnew & Nick Ward - Orgone Ocean Sonar

"Fantastic drummer, professional musician, all in all, an amazing gentleman. John puts everything into a session, laying down the strongest of foundations to a song. I highly recommend his talent to any musician wanting drum track recordings."
Dav - Fjords

"John is a fantastic session drummer and one of the most professional out there! The communication during the project is top notch. You can tell John puts 110% into any project and the final outcome is amazing! He performed on a single for me and his playing definitely brought my song to life! Don't think about using Superior drummer, Addictive drums or Slate drums... COME TO THIS MAN!!!"
Tom Wills - Thesis Progression

"We hired John to cover for our drummer for 3 gigs. John was the consummate professional, he learned our tracks in a matter of days, jammed with us at rehearsal and delivered excellent live performances at our shows. He truly is gifted. Its only a shame we couldn't get him in full time, he was a pleasure to work with and is now a good friend. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending John."
Mark Bremner - Manager - East of Eden (formerly Audio Disease)

"John played drums for our debut album 'Tears of Lust" in the latter part of 2013. He was very easy to work with, communicated well and altered any parts we wanted re-recorded. He is an excellent drummer, and came up with some great ideas of his own which made it feel more like a collaboration. He certainly puts his all into all the sessions he does. He also saved us a lot of time by editing his own takes. Needless to say the end results were flawless and professional. It was a pleasure to work with him."
Elina Siirala - enkElination

"Professional, helpful, swift correspondence and great attention to detail. I'd highly recommend John if you're looking for professional, tight and intricately written drum parts to add to your music. Really happy with a superbly polished finished product recorded at 96 kHz/24bit. John is an excellent, precise, powerful drummer with a very strong musical ear and a fantastic approach to his profession."
Kenni Hatfield

"John epitomises the term "musical professional." His attention to detail, artistic flair and ability to deliver exactly what is required is second to none."
Jon Norton - Resource Sound Ltd

"Hugely recommended! John worked relentlessly on our tracks and the end result was so much better than I'd hoped for. He kept in constant communication and was happy even when we wanted to change something a bit later on! You won't be disappointed!"
Josh Warrington - Sacrilegious Throne

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